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Samsung Refrigerator

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Surely you know this situation: You want to buy a new curling iron or a modern lawn mower and are unfortunately in the marketing jungle of the manufacturers. Every producer promises you the blue sky, the product descriptions full of functions – which are of course better than those of the competitors – and you no longer trust in an “independent” consultation on site.

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Our reviews include independent reviews and information from experts, experts and leading test magazines. We bundle this multitude of information, which is now available online, for you and prepare it in such a way that even a layman can find the right jigsaw for him.

Simple, clear & understandable – this is the objective in the design of our overview and comparison tables. Comparing highly complex product features, which can only be evaluated by specialists and specialists, misses the mark.

The products of various manufacturers presented by us are all evaluated 100% independently. There are already so many manipulated test reports and customer opinions on the Internet that the time is ripe for honest customer advice. Accordingly, no manufacturer pays for a position on expertentesten.de or can otherwise exert an influence on the independent test result.

The great popularity of many enthusiastic readers proves us right!